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Ian Stone, historian | I TEACH
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students on many different stages of their academic journey...”


I teach because I want to inspire students to learn in the same way that I was inspired. I especially enjoy teaching a variety of courses to diverse groups, and I am fortunate that I continue to learn from all of my students. docendo discimus.


Dartmouth College is an Ivy League liberal arts college. Each year, as part of its foreign study programme, it sends a cohort of junior-year undergraduates to London for a semester. As part of this experience they take my ‘London in History’ module, in which we study London’s history from its Roman foundation to its contemporary status as a global city.


IES Abroad is one of the world’s leading study abroad providers. For more than sixty-five years, IES Abroad has provided students with the opportunity to travel as part of their studies. Working in London, I teach the history of London to freshmen students from Skidmore College, a highly-regarded liberal arts college in New York State. The class is taught via lectures, seminar discussions, field trips and walking tours. After all, London is our classroom.


For more than thirty-five years, University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) has provided university students with affordable, valuable study abroad programmes. USAC currently has more than fifty programmes in twenty-seven countries and students from any university are welcome to participate. In London I teach an interdisciplinary module in the history of conflict and its reconciliation throughout time. We approach the topic from a variety of angles, including history, war studies, international relations, politics, philosophy and sociology, to understand better concepts such as war, peace, reconciliation, nationalism and identity.